We try to provide as much information as we can about our hog buildings, livestock facilities, and service options on the website and in our videos, but some questions are best answered in an FAQ format. See below for some of our most commonly asked questions!

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When was Integrity Builders & Supply started?

Darrell and Beth Wahe launched Integrity Builders & Supply in 2009 in New London, IA. Darrell has been involved in the pork industry for over three decades and their passion is still going strong. Darrell’s drive has always been to construct well-built structures with the top supplies and treat customers with respect and integrity during the planning and construction process to grow their family farms.

Where are you located?

Integrity Builders & Supply is headquartered out of New London, Iowa. However, we have sales and service teams stationed all over eastern Iowa.

What does Integrity Builders & Supply construct?

Integrity Builders & Supply specializes in constructing hog buildings and livestock farm structures.

Where do you construct hog buildings?

Believe it or not, our family-owned company covers a lot of territory! We construct and remodel existing hog barns in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Indiana.

What sets Integrity Builders & Supply apart from the competition?

After your building is constructed, we have a full-service team available to work on different components and parts after the sale. We don’t leave you high and dry once the building process is over.

After the sale, we have free information and tip videos available to all pork producers on our YouTube channel. The Integrity Team offers reminders of items to service and check on your livestock facilities. We know everyone gets busy with their farming operation and we want to provide you with reminders to keep your investments in good working order. We offer areas to troubleshoot yourself on livestock and hog barns before spending hard-earned money on service calls.

What does Integrity Builders & Supply use for building products?

We design and construct what the customer wants for their personal farm. Our lumber, steel, trusses, and building supplies are custom built and shipped to the job site from EPS Structures. All equipment and interior finishes on our buildings are chosen by the customer or integrator for the best hog barn for their operation.

How much does a hog building cost?

Hog Buildings are an investment property for farmers and their family farms. There are many different types of hog buildings: sow units, gilt finishers, pig nurseries, wean to finish hog barns, feed to finish hog barns, boar stud barns, etc. Each has its own equipment specifications in the pork industry. Each type of building has its own price point and investment price tag. The Integrity team is here to help guide you through design options and specifications to what works and what doesn’t. We encourage you to shop around but if you are finding some hog building quotes extremely lower than others, be blunt and ask the hard questions:

“Will you stand behind the quote and equipment you are listing in your bid?”

“Am I stuck using you if your price soars when we go to construct this hog building?”

“Is everything I need for my hog building to be turnkey in this barn quote?”

“How many change orders can I expect with this quote?”

At Integrity Builders & Supply, we want to be as transparent and thorough with our quotes on constructing your next livestock facility. Are you working with an integrator? They are also aware of current market prices with hog buildings for their clients. If a quote is too good to be true, it probably is. Budget accordingly. Let the Integrity team explain where corners are being cut in competitor lowball bids.

Does Integrity Builders only construct hog building facilities?

No. The Integrity team constructs all building structures such as cattle barns and dairy facilities, and post-frame structures such as farm shops, machinery sheds, and composters. We also construct SIP Panel buildings such as energy-efficient garages, shops for farm equipment or shop houses, and barndominiums.

I have an older hog barn but it still has life in it! Can you do hog building remodels to keep our farm asset-producing ROI without constructing a new barn?

Yes! We can do as much or as little to your pig facilities to keep your buildings in good operating order. Have you ever replaced windows, doors, or flooring in your home? Hog buildings are no different. Our team can upgrade gating, feed systems, livestock ventilation systems. We also upgrade controllers to more technology-driven units, remodel ceilings and roofs, and reconstruct end walls. We understand through the years hog confinement construction has advanced and there are many hog barns out there that are great structures and just need some upgrades to keep you producing an income for your family farm.

Call us for your hog confinement remodel quote and consultation.

Does the Integrity Service Team only do repairs on hog buildings?

No. Our service team also helps service equipment, curtains, fans, and controllers on cattle barns, turkey farms, and poultry facilities. Most equipment companies have product lines for different livestock species. We order and service parts and supplies specifically for your farm needs.

Can I come to your warehouse and pick up parts?

Yes, you can! Call Alec ahead of leaving your farm and he will try to have all requested products pulled ready for pick up. It’s also a good idea to call ahead to ensure we have the product you need.

Do you ship parts?

Yes, we do! Call 319-752-9001 and place your order. We will get parts shipped right to your farm. In a rush? We can overnight farm parts to you in an emergency or drive the parts to you with additional charges.

I’ve got an emergency with my hog barn or livestock facility! Help!

We’re here 24/7. Storms and lightning strikes take out controllers and components. Unfortunately, fires and emergency catastrophes happen. Just call us at 319-752-9001. Our phone is answered 24/7 for farm situations we can’t plan for. Our team is here for you.

The Integrity Team seems passionate about pork production and livestock farms. What’s their story?

Almost every Integrity Builders team member has grown up in agriculture or worked in the pork or construction industry. We get your struggles. We’ve been in your shoes. We see solutions to help your operation. We listen to your ideas and try to incorporate your wants into your personal building design. Just like you, the Integrity team is after the best practices, design, and equipment in advancing pork production as well as livestock care.

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“From what I heard about Integrity, I knew they could get the job done right.”
-Mark L., Stronghurst, IL

“They had the best price for the building. The quality of construction and extra bracing in their buildings were advantages as well.”
-Craig K., Madison, IA

“I’m very happy with the quality of work put into my building.”
-Scott W., New Liberty, IA

“The price and quality of their buildings was why I chose Integrity. It was a no-brainer when comparing them to the competition.”
-Tim T., Washington, IA

“I’m always quick to recommend Integrity Builders & Supply to anyone interested in a new building!”
-Jeff S., Aledo, IL

“Excellent staff. I couldn’t be happier as I work with them in different projects.”
-Marco Adasme

“Always a pleasure to work with, thank you so much!”
-Evan Johannson

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