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Building Additional Structures on Your Property

Because quality matters to you and your operation, we’re committed to providing exceptional engineering and value. Every customer receives an engineered post-frame building that — as designed — will support wind and snow loads according to current International (IBC) and State Agency requirements. The result: a cost-effective, well-engineered solution that will meet your needs for years to come! Although we are headquartered in New London, IA, we construct buildings in many of the neighboring states as well!
Post-frame building with green roof and highlighted bottom of the outdoor walls.

post-frame Buildings

If you need a building for storage or a small shop, post-frame construction may be right for you.

Unlike construction that uses stud walls or steel framing, a post-frame building uses laminated columns to provide horizontal support. This offers a simpler, lower-cost option that’s ideal in certain applications.

Of course, you can count on Integrity Builders & Supply to provide the same careful attention and engineered value that we offer every other construction project. It’s what we do. It’s how we work. Every time.

Structural Insulated Panel Construction

In addition to its other advantages, using structural insulated panel (SIP) construction can be a cost-effective solution for your building needs.

Manufactured under strict, factory-controlled standards, each structural insulated core panel features an insulated foam core between two oriented strand boards or other structural facings. Structurally, SIPS construction is as strong as steel I-beam construction.

At Integrity Builders & Supply, we provide SIP solutions for any construction project that would benefit from this strong, energy-efficient, cost-effective solution.

Structural insulated panel building with white walls and dark roof.

If you would like a free quote on a post-frame building project, call us at 319-752-9001 or submit a request.