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Agricultural Buildings

Integrity Builders & Supply delivers quality construction and exceptional engineering in New London, IA and the surrounding areas. We sweat the details: diagonal-and-lateral bracing, heavy-gauge roof steel, stainless steel fasteners for added durability, whatever it takes to deliver a livestock building that will stand the test of time.

Most of the team at Integrity Builders & Supply has a background in farming. That is one of the reasons we excel at what we do. We know what it takes to run an operational livestock establishment and help other farmers in Iowa do just that.

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Hog Buildings

Livestock Building Construction in New London, IA.

Pig Nurseries

Whether you are looking for a shallow or deep pit, filtered or unfiltered, concrete or plastic flooring Integrity Builders & Supply can choose the design that’s right for you. From 300 to 5,000 head, we make sure your nursery will last and is cost-effective for your needs.

Inside of a hog finishing facility.

Hog Finishing Facilities

If you’re looking for a hog barn structure that will take your swine from wean-to-finish or feeder-to-finish, you can count on getting an exceptional facility from Integrity Builders & Supply. Whether that facility will finish 500 or 7,200 head, we guarantee a structure that features exceptional design without cutting a single corner – ever!

Inside of a sow gestation building with a worker looking at a tablet while monitoring a pig.

Sow Gestation Buildings

Crated pens or free stall sow units are designed specifically for your sow or gilt farm project by the Integrity Builders & Supply team. Whatever you need, we can deliver the design and construction you’re looking for. We have built multiple sow unit projects across the midwest in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota and our team has first-hand knowledge of how swine facilities work in day-to-day operations.

Inside of a farrowing building.

Farrowing Buildings

Your farrowing building is one of the most important buildings at your operation. Shallow or deep pit, plastic or cast, wire or tri-bar flooring, standard or turnaround crates, automated feeding systems, exceptional ventilation design – whatever you need for a productive, long-lasting farrowing facility, we’re ready to deliver.

Group of piglets inside of a building next to food.

Remodeling Hog Buildings

Increase the ROI on your swine farm by remodeling hog buildings. No pig farm remodeling project is too big or too small with the Integrity Builders & Supply team. Our expertise in hog building remodeling ranges from curtains, controllers, gating, feed systems, ceilings, new hog building roofs, rebuilding end walls, or reconstruction of livestock loading chutes and connecting hallways. Whatever you need, we can deliver the design and construction you’re looking to update in your barns. We have remodeled multiple sow units, pig nurseries, and wean to finish barns projects across the Midwest throughout Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, and our team has first-hand knowledge of how swine facilities work in day-to-day operations.

Have Questions?

Big hog building with white outdoor walls next to a farm land.

Regardless of the type of hog building being constructed, we can discuss the following features:


  • Gating Hog Barn Options
  • Hog Building Tunnel Options vs Natural
  • Ventilation Options
  • Solid Wall Hog Buildings
  • Cool Cell Swine Ventilation Advantages
  • Nipple Bar Waterers vs Cup Waterer systems
  • Wet Dry Feeder Systems
  • Hog Building Smart Fans
  • Pit Fan Motor Options
  • Smart Controllers for Swine Facilities

As always, we support everything we build with the highest level of 24/7 service and support available.

Start designing your dream building.

Cattle building with big dividing stalls.

Cattle Buildings

If you have a dream cattle building in mind – bring it to us. We can help you turn it into a reality! We have the resources to build you a structure that is tailored to your wish list. And we can make sure that it’s cost-effective and exceeds your expectations. You don’t have to cut corners with us; what you dream up is what you will get.

Dairy Buildings

Dairy buildings have unique facility needs — and Integrity Builders & Supply is prepared to build a structure that’s just the way you want it. We put the focus on quality and durability so you can count on year after year of productive operation. By working with the leading dairy ventilation companies around along with other premium suppliers, we have the expertise and flexibility to design just about anything you want.
Inside of a dairy building with cows standing in their respective stalls.

If you would like a free quote on an agricultural building project, call us at 319-752-9001 or submit a request.